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    As a digital agency, WPDriven took on the project of designing an online store for a local stunt bike modification store. The aim was to create a user-friendly e-commerce platform that showcases the store’s products and services while offering a seamless shopping experience for customers. The project was expected to be completed within two months.

    The Product

    The product is an online store specifically designed for a local stunt bike modification store. It serves as a platform for showcasing various bike modification products, accessories, and services. Customers can browse products, place orders, and schedule appointments for bike modifications through the website.

    The Problem

    The core problem faced by the store and its customers was the lack of an online presence and a convenient way to browse and purchase stunt bike modification products and services. Without an online store, potential customers were limited to visiting the physical store, which may not always be convenient.

    The Goal

    The goal of this case study is to develop a user-friendly online store that enhances the accessibility of stunt bike modification products and services. By doing so, we aim to increase customer engagement, improve sales, and expand the store’s reach beyond its local area.

    My Role

    As a UX Designer at WPDriven, my role in this project involved understanding the needs of both the store and its customers, designing intuitive interfaces, and ensuring a smooth user experience on the online store.


    My responsibilities included conducting user research, creating wireframes and prototypes, and collaborating with the development team to implement design solutions that meet the needs of the store and its customers.

    Understanding the User

    User Research

    To understand the needs and preferences of customers interested in stunt bike modifications, we conducted surveys, interviews, and usability testing sessions. This allowed us to gather insights into the challenges customers face when searching for stunt bike products and services.


    Our research revealed that potential customers often struggled to find a wide selection of stunt bike modification products and services in their local area. They expressed a desire for an online platform that offers convenience and a variety of options for purchasing products and scheduling services.

    Pain Point

    The primary pain point for customers was the inconvenience of having to visit the physical store to browse and purchase products or schedule modifications. Many customers preferred the convenience of online shopping but found it lacking for stunt bike modification products and services.


    Persona: Alex, the Enthusiastic Rider

    • Age: 25
    • Occupation: Student
    • Needs: Alex is passionate about stunt biking but finds it challenging to find specific modification products and services in his local area. He seeks a convenient online solution for purchasing products and scheduling modifications.

    Persona: Sarah, the Busy Professional

    • Age: 30
    • Occupation: Marketing Manager
    • Needs: Sarah enjoys riding her stunt bike in her free time but struggles to find time to visit the physical store during business hours. She seeks an online store that offers flexibility and convenience for browsing and purchasing products.

    Problem Statements and User Journey Map

    Problem Statement

    Customers struggle to find a convenient way to browse and purchase stunt bike modification products and services, leading to limited accessibility and inconvenience.

    User Journey Map

    1. Customer visits the online store to browse stunt bike modification products and services.
    2. Customer explores product categories and reads product descriptions and reviews.
    3. Customer adds products to the cart and proceeds to checkout.
    4. Customer completes the purchase and receives confirmation of the order.
    5. Customer schedules a modification appointment if needed.

    The Impact and Lessons Learned

    Developing a user-friendly online store for the local stunt bike modification store significantly improved accessibility and convenience for customers. Through this project, we learned the importance of understanding customer needs and preferences to design effective solutions that enhance the overall user experience.

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