Search Engine Optimization

Our Success Driven Organic Engagement Strategy that puts your website in front of the right audience

Core features of every plan

Local Search Ranking

We make sure that your business appears in the top 20 search results in local search for google. Which means more people are going to land on your website to learn more about your business when they looking for your service or product.

High Value Keywords Research

We will find the high value keywords for your online business and integrate them to your website strategically. So when anyone is searching for those keywords, your website will pop right up in the google search.

Website Speed Optimization

Website loading speed plays a crucial role in SEO and we make sure that your website loads faster so your customers don’t have to wait. Especially when they are ready to pay for your service or product.

Tier 1 SEO Plan


An affordable SEO plan that is designed to get your website ranking in the right path with relevant keywords and website loading time optimization. This is a 3-Month SEO Plan that will Elevate your online visibility and rankings with a strategic SEO roadmap designed for sustainable growth and increased organic traffic.

Starting at $949

Affordable SEO plan for small businesses that gets your in front of the right audience within 90-days. In other words, we will explain google that you offering exactly what people are looking for so Google will recommend your business to even more people.


Tier 2 SEO Plan


Super economical SEO package that offers more advanced than the tier 1 plan. It offers broader coverage, more targeted key phrases and 5 blog posts with high volume keywords and title. Offering even more ways to engage your relevant audience with your website.

Starting at $1449

Tier 2 SEO is an advanced but economical SEO plan for the long run. Our proven organic engagement strategy will be applied to generate high quality blog posts that acts as a catalyst to enhance the results. Leveraging the most trending searching relevant to your business will bring significant improvement to your online search ranking.


We Help You Improve Your
Google Ranking

Locally and Globally.

Here at WPDriven, we’re the SEO wizards you’ve been looking for! Our awesome team uses all the latest tricks to make your website shine, score high on Google, and get you noticed everywhere online. Let’s skyrocket your digital game!

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