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Almost every business needs to have a website these days if they want to be competitive. Social media is the best place to start. But, having a website is a better way to promote your business. So, a website builder is necessary for any e-commerce or small business that requires a new website or if you’re planning to open a new online store or shop.

When it comes to choosing a website builder, it can be difficult. Here we will discuss some of the best website builders for online stores in 2022 and how to choose them effectively.

How To Choose a Website Builder?

Website builders are important to your company’s success. After you’ve developed a website and started getting customers, switching providers can be difficult and costly. However, the features, costs, complexities, and capabilities of various builders vary. Therefore, comparing website builders is a good idea before making a final decision. The following are things to keep in mind when looking for a website builder.

●       Always choose a website builder according to your budget.

●       Make sure the website builder you choose has an easy interface so you’ll use it easily.

●       Always compare features of different website builders while choosing. So, you can select the one that matches your needs. However, some website builders that are best for e-commerce or small businesses may not be good for your blog or informative website.

●        You should review the terms of service and privacy policies carefully to ensure that you keep control of your data. And you have access to your data when you switch to a new provider.

Best Website Builders for Online Stores

There are many website builders available today. Some of them require hiring a professional to design and build your website. In contrast, others may not require professionals. Some of the best website builders are as follows:


Wix is easy to use and construct a website in minutes. But it is flexible and strong enough to customize every detail of each page. So, it is ideal for small company websites and content-focused bloggers. It is a great website builder that adds your style and ideas. As it also offers plugins for anything from online businesses to restaurant websites, blogs, and appointment-booking services. There are also social media, email, and SEO features to help businesses in developing their online presence. However, most users will prefer to subscribe to a premium plan for a more professional domain name and remove the top-of-page advertisement.


Weebly is one of the best options for easy website creation. It is a complete website building solution that includes everything you need to start and grow your website. Most importantly, it targets beginners and users who require simple websites without any code. It has a drag and drop builder that allows you to explore. It also lets you build a blog or an online store. Simple personal and business websites and micro-eCommerce sites with limited products benefit most from this feature. Here are some features of Weebly:

●       Weebly’s drag-and-drop editor allows you to reposition objects on your page easily.

●       Newbies can start with over 50 user-friendly templates.

●       Responsive themes make your site mobile-friendly.

●       Start an online store with many features.

●       Set a video background to a specific part of your site with a simple click.

●       Allows your users to search your site without any issues.


WordPress is a well-known website builder that enables users to create and manage their blogs, personal and business websites, and online shops. It lets anyone with no coding or web design knowledge develop feature-rich websites, blogs, or online stores. However, to determine whether WordPress is suitable for you, use this simple list:

●       You want to create a professional business website for a low cost.

●       There are a lot of simple tutorials that you can follow to learn how to do things.

●       To build your business online completely free.

●       You want to make money online with a blog, portfolio, or personal website.

Types of WordPress

There are two different types of WordPress: WordPress.org and WordPress.com. So, you can use both to make your site.

Self-hosted WordPress.org gives a lot of flexibility at the cost of simplicity. In contrast, WordPress.com is a fully hosted website builder. It’s less versatile yet more straightforward and hassle-free.

Why Use WordPress?

Here is a list of the benefits of using WordPress.

●       WordPress is open source and free. All website files and data are yours. You can switch your website to a different web host at any time.

●       It provides access to thousands of extensions, add-ons, and plugins for your website. With so many professional tools available, you can create anything you desire.

●       Because you own your website, you may keep it basic and add features as needed. You may speed up your website and employ SEO best practices to attract more visitors.

●       Free website templates and thousands of available design options make it easy to personalize your website exactly as you want it. You may customize them to create genuinely unique web pages. In short, it simplifies website creation.

●       Practically every prominent third-party product has WordPress integration. WordPress is compatible with your email marketing, lead creation, SEO, CRM, business phone services, and payment gateways.


WooCommerce is the best e-commerce website builder for small businesses, and it powers 42% of all e-commerce websites. The platform’s professional appearance and adaptability make it ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises. So, with WooCommerce, you get all the normal features for free. Most importantly, it is readily available to newbies in eCommerce.

●        Using WooCommerce themes, one can effortlessly personalize a website.

●       To list new products, WooCommerce has all the features a unique web business needs, from orders to billing. With this platform, users can sell anything, from actual goods to digital downloads.

●       Using a third party to sell items or services is subject to their rules and terms. This is a common problem for online sellers; therefore, having your website is a good idea, even if simply as a backup.

●       The WooCommerce development team works with security experts like Sucuri.net to ensure their clients’ safety online.

●       WooCommerce has over 400 official extensions covering everything from analytics, payments, shipping, and marketing.

●       WooCommerce runs on one of the world’s most well-known platforms, fully optimized for Google’s SEO requirements.

●       Without thorough analysis, it’s impossible to establish an effective, actionable sales plan. WooCommerce provides easy built-in analytics.

●       It has a vast community of users who operate in online sales and regularly improve and optimize WooCommerce.

●       Compared to other platforms, WooCommerce is usually cheaper. A custom web shop’s design, manufacturing, and setup can last months.


Shopify is an excellent option for online store owners. Professional e-commerce platforms are often thought of as more difficult to use. If you don’t know how to code or design, this all-in-one platform can help you to begin.  Shopify offers limitless storage, bandwidth, and product uploads, so it easily scales with your business. It’s so simple to use that you can set up a proper Shopify store that’s optimized for search. You can create and sell things. Customers can purchase both physical and digital goods on Shopify sites, and can download digital goods instantly after payment.

●       There is no end to the number of products that can list.

●       Unlimited data and storage Shopify doesn’t set any traffic or file/image limits.

●       Keep an eye on product counts by setting up an inventory management system.

●       Besides phone and email, Shopify has a community forum and an extensive online Help Center.

●       Whether you use Shopify Payments, PayPal Express, or Authorize.net, you may sell subscriptions online.

●       You can easily manage the store with Shopify’s iOS and Android apps.

●       Shopify plans feature built-in SEO capabilities.

●       Improve SEO and client engagement by including a blog.


Duda is a website builder ideal for individuals and small businesses who require a customized website for themselves or a customer. The Duda website builder is an option for those who aren’t knowledgeable with technology, coding, and design. The Duda website builder is perfect for non-web developers and designers and businesses. Among the benefits of using the Duda website builder are:

●       The Duda website builder is simple for both expert designers and newbies.

●       However, for consumers without programming knowledge or who want to get their website up and run fast, Duda’s wide library of templates and themes is very interesting.

●       The Duda element editor simplifies website editing. Choose new templates, add new blog content, or build widgets to publish on your website using the element editor.

●       Every Duda-hosted website gets automatic backups.

●       The Duda website builder includes an analytic tool for easy tracking of visitor statistics and traffic on your website.

●       One of the main benefits of using Duda as a website builder and server is fast support. Registered and unregistered users both can easily access an FAQ area.

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