Simple Websites That Make Money: The Definitive Guide To Creating A Profitable Website

Simple Websites That Make Money

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Creating a profitable website is not that hard. It can be a challenging and tedious process for someone with a non technical background, requiring a lot of hard work and research. But with the right knowledge, Tools, perseverance, and experience, you can create a profitable website that makes money while you sleep.

If you want to create a profitable website without having your own product, this article will teach you everything you need to know.

There are a lot of different ways to make money on the internet, and we will cover them all.

We will also talk about how to start the process of creating your own online business, how to monetize your your website for maximum profit, how to launch your website, how to get the most out of your internet traffic, and how to create a website that makes money even when your not working on it.

This article will give you all the information you

Simple Websites That Make Money

In today’s world, it is becoming more and more easier to make money online. With an increase in demand of products, more and more companies are popping up to compete for the top spot. However, there are a lot of people making money off of this rise in competition, and this is what this article is about.

This article is about the steps required to create a simple and profitable website without having your own physical or digital product. With a little time, effort, creativity and research, you can create a profitable website that will make money for you.

How To Make Money With A Website Without Selling Anything

Marketing your website in the right way is the key to your success. The more people that visit your website, the more traffic you will get and the more chances you will have to make money, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start.

1. Decide a Topic

This is the ultimate starting point of your journey to make a simple website that makes money.

Coming up with a topic is not that hard if keep it aligned with your interests. Let’s say I like designing and creating websites and I’ve been doing it for a little over 10 years now. With 10 years of experiencing in building websites I’ve encountered numerous road blocks and technical issues that some people gets stuck.

But my blog features all of those problems and multiple solutions to them. I started writing about it everyday on my blog and eventually people searching for a solution will see my website in the search results and whenever someone clicks on my link, they land on my website.

You can also do a little more research and select a topic that does not align with your interest as well. For example you want to use a topic that is trending on the internet rather than something you love to do.

However, I am not going to recommend going against your interest if you are just a beginner. Because this would need a lot of in-depth research, analysis and implementation of methods that are insanely complicated.

2. Domain and Hosting


A domain name is the website address, or internet address, for your website just like you have an address for where you like in the city. This is your website address, the one you share with the whole world so they can find you on the internet. But a domain name isn’t just an address, it’s also the most important investment for your online business.

Choosing a domain name is very crucial for your online business and one that you will want to consider carefully. You want to make sure that your domain name or website address matches the topic of your blog/website. It is not mandatory but it will greatly increase the value of your website if it goes hand in hand with the genre of your website.

Now, for your first website you don’t want to buy a domain name that is super expensive. Just get a domain name registered and keep it safe until the next part of this article.

Here are a few of the websites for domain registration service:


As the name says it all, the hosting service is required if you already have a domain name secured and you want to get a website uploaded to it. Without hosting, you won’t have a place to upload your website to the internet. Hence, your business/blog won’t be available on the internet.

There are a lot of hosting companies available online with some great monthly and annual packages. It is totally up to you but for beginners I’d suggest go with the annual package as it will give you a peace of mind and some time to gear up and get some blog posts published.

Here are a few of the websites for hosting service:

3. Website/Blog Design

Website design is one of the most important factors for creating a successful website. When people come to a website, they are looking for information they can trust and rely on. It is essential to make sure that the website design is appealing and user friendly.

Now, there are a multiple ways of doing that.

DIY (Design It Yourself)

Designing a website/blog is not something super complex. But it’ll need your undivided attention, patience, ability to adapt and improvise.

You can start by searching for other blogs on the internet and take a good look on how they have designed their website and what are the most attractive features that you can use on yours.

It will be a time taking process but when you’re done researching, you will know exactly what you want on your website and then you can jump right on your computer and start creating it.

It could take anywhere from 8 – 10 Hours of work to design your own blog which of course doesn’t have the hours for research included as that is something that everyone will do differently. But the more you research, the better your website will look.

Hire A Professional

Saves you time and you can skip everything, research, analysis and all those graphic design programs and platforms and get straight to the point where you will have your own professional looking website blog and you can just focus on writing on the topic and posting it on the blog.

In case you haven’t notice, we as team WPDriven is the website specialists ourselves. We know how to create a website that looks better than what you have in mind and of course get results even faster than you anticipate.

4. Generating Traffic

An informative blog has the power to easily generate traffic, easier than you think. Both in terms of readers and social shares. It is important to have a user-friendly blog, a topic that is focused towards solving a problem for your potential readers, and of course a good blog design.

But then the question comes to your mind, how do you get readers to visit your blog?

At this point, you don’t really have to worry about whether people are going to visit the blog or not. Because if your topic focuses on solving the problem for your targeted audience, people are going to find it on the internet searching for a solution.

There are a number of ways to generate traffic/visitors from your blog.

  • Articles/Posts
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Video, Live Streaming, Podcast
  • Paid Marketing

WPDriven is an internationally recognized agency to provide its marketing services to our clients. We’ve been generating results, not just strategies for our clients. WPDriven can help you understand your industry like no other and also guide your brand to reach its full potential.

5. Monetizing Your Traffic

There are various ways to monetize the traffic from your blog website. I am just going to discuss a few that holds the biggest share in the beginner world.

With this huge change in digital world, every other person is thinking about having a website of their own and using it to make money, brings the need for more and more companies offering bounties and commissions to anyone who is willing to promote their product using their blog website. You just have to do the same.

Find a suitable source that offers the same service or product that you’re writing about and see if they have any kind of affiliate or partner program. If they do, sign up with them and then you will have your own unique link to use on your blog website.

Now whenever someone clicks on the link and make a purchase, you will get paid the commission and you don’t even have to worry about the order, delivery, or any of that. Your partner will take care of that and you can just enjoy the money you make every time there’s a purchase.

Here’s a list of website that offers affiliate or partner program to people owning a website or a blog with some incoming traffic.

  1. GiddyUp
  2. Amazon Associates
  3. Widitrade
  4. ClickBank
  5. eBay Partner Network
  6. M4trix Network
  7. CJ Affiliate
  8. ShareASale

Display Ads

This is one of the most used methods of monetizing your traffic if you don’t have a product or service to talk about. If your blog is simple about a lifestyle, or addressing general problems that people face in their day to day life.

May be you want to write about life hacks that your audience really love to follow and implement. But then how are you going to make money?

Google Adsense is the answer.

It actually scans your blog and finds the best suitable places to use for advertising other business who are aggressively spending money to market their business by spending HUGE amount of money.

In return for letting google use your blog for ads, it pays you every time when someone clicks on the ad displayed on your blog.

Don’t worry, google won’t mess up your blog or make it look ugly. It carefully places the ads so that it won’t hurt your website in anyway.

Thank You

for reading the post through, I am pretty sure that you already have a kick-ass idea for your blog but got some questions to point you towards the right direction. We as team WPDriven believes that sharing our experience with people who are willing to do better for themselves is the real monetization for our company.

Feel free to reach out to us if you need help with your blog 🙂

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